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Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1072018,Semantic understanding and task-oriented for image assessment,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,10926,pp392-400第一作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1072018,Needs and Attitudes of Friendly Chinese Restaurant Among Older Adults: Results from a Pilot Study,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,10927,pp434-444第三作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1062018,良渚•石峽文化「獸首鐲」研究,故宮學術季刊,35,4,pp1-33第一作者Mei-Yin Chiang
1062018,兩岸故宮蚩尤環探索,通識跨域研究,16,pp25-41第一作者Mei-Yin Chiang
1062017,A Pilot Interface Evaluation Combined with Three-dimensional Holography Concept for the Older Adults ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,10297,pp388-396第二作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1062017,Usability Evaluation on User Interface of Electronic Wheelchair,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,10298,pp467-474第一作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1052016,A Usability Research for Developing and Deploying Chronic Pain Relief Treatment Applications for Older Adults,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,9754,pp245-252第二作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1052016,Eye Movements on Assessing Perceptual Image Quality,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,9754,pp378-388第一作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1052016,多元鑰匙孔操作介面之使用性評估,工業設計,44,134,pp34-72第一作者TSAI, CHENG-MIN
1052016,USER-ORIENTED PROSPECTIVE SMART ELECTRIC VEHICLES INNOVATING DESIGN DEVELOPMENT,Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association (SCI),1,22,pp93-103第二作者
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