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Mission Statement

Evolution/Brief History

◆In response to the growing demand for artistic creative talents, the Department of Visual Arts in August 2003 established, the first dean of the Department of Professor Zhen yang Lin.
◆In August2008, in view of the extension of student learning and the integration of theory and creation, the Department was re-merged with the Institute of Aesthetics and Art Management and renamed the Department of Aesthetics and Visual Arts, with the Dean of the Department of Assistant Professor Yi Hong Chen and Associate Professor Xue rong Luo.
◆In August 2010, in view of the close links between global digital media technology and life, and the increased demand for creative and information talents in various industries, the Department revised the curriculum and renamed it "Department of Visual and Media Arts" with Zong Ho Yeh Associate Professor as deans in order to carry out the cause of production and economic development and to train media artistic creators with humanistic qualities.
◆In August 2013, assistant professor Bixuan Xie served as the dean, in order to combine social industry and market pulse, integrate teaching resources, reposition the basic areas of the department, and transform the curriculum, so as to establish specialized and refined courses, such as the core course of the department, cross-field employment-oriented course, professional elective course, etc. Increase the space for studying double majors and minors. The department's expectations for students, not only to become an artist, but also hope to give students a full range of training environment, after four years of training, training students have creative ability, but also with entrepreneurial and employment competitiveness, not only to engage in personal creation, but also have the ability to participate in various types of art design-related work and activities, Get the most out of your work.
◆In August 2015, Ye Zong and Associate Professor as deans, actively embarked on the transformation of the Department of reform and planning, with digital media design and cultural and creative industries as the future development focus, hoping to set up a department of creative design company.
The Department has now passed the High Education Assessment Center in the 104-2 of the General Education and Second Cycle Department of the University, and in accordance with the recommendations of the evaluation committee, planning to visual art, digital design and creative design as the three axes, in the common platform of beauty and creativity, the pursuit of "the integration of traditional and digital evolution" of art design new horizons.
◆In August 2017, in view of the new vitality of creative design by art and digital in Taiwan's industry, the demand for talent is becoming more urgent, and in order to put more emphasis on the professionalism and connotation of visual arts and design, changing the department to "Visual Arts and Design Department" will help to improve the employment opportunities and competitiveness of students.

 Vision for the future of the Department of Visual Arts and Design

The department features students with multiple development potential in the field of visual art and design, teaching content in line with the development trend of the times and industry, focusing on the cultivation of practical operation and creative thinking, and introducing digital technology as a communication tool for training, emphasizing the integration of "hand-drawn and digital", "tradition and innovation", and the pursuit of sustainable development and new value of art design.

 The vision of the Department of Visual Arts and Design for the future is as follows:

(1) Cultivate the spirit of self-conscious learning, increase practical and cross-disciplinary learning, emphasize the application ability of enterprise practice, cultivate the art and design major of creation and theory, and enhance students' multi-professional ability.

(2) To cooperate with the pulse of the art and design industry, cross-border integration, positive transformation thinking, the integration of life education and body-spirit industry, the establishment of the department's self-brand image and characteristics, enhance competitiveness.

(3) To improve the research energy, teaching enthusiasm and educational value of teachers, improve the quality of learning in an all-round way, and strengthen students' creative practice and theoretical ability.

(4) Continuously develop cooperation in production and learning, promote a multi-internship system, tutor students to take evidence, and enhance students' competitiveness in the workplace.

(5) Regularly analyze industrial trends and trends, strengthen students' international outlook and mobility capabilities, implement the Cultivation and implement the "Application and Learning to be one"

(6) Regularly organize industry visits to enhance students' learning horizons and the strength of employment in the workplace.

(7) Inspire visual creative thinking, strengthen creative and innovative spirit, focus on the cultivation of the abilities of four creations (creative, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial), construct the "five new" values of new experiments, new experiences, new experiences, new discoveries and new ideas, and cultivate students' innovative thinking, research and development and creative ability in artistic design.

(8) Set up a creative design company, train art and design professionals, actively tutor students to participate in domestic and foreign competitions, enhance the visibility and visibility of the Department at home and abroad.


Department of Visual Arts and Design—Graduate Program


Department of Visual Arts and Design pioneers parallel learning paths of visual art and culture creative to stay up to date with aesthetic economy, cultural-creative industry, and multiple social and international trends. By integrating modern computer technology into painting, sculpturing, digital imaging, we are dedicated to developing talent in both digital design and art-making. We seek the synergy and evolution between the digital and the traditional to approach the new vision of art that crosses boundaries and is E-accessible.


Educational Aims

To advance professional literacy and self-motivated learning in visual arts and design.

To promote practical application and team cooperation in visual arts and design.

To practice what is learned in visual arts and design to contribute to physical-mental and social.


Teaching Features

We keep up with trends in industry and balance up-to-dateness, creativity and practicality, and build a complete outside training and certification system to achieve the teaching objective of unification of learning and action.

We emphasize the application of digital technology so that students learn to integrate theory and practicality, as well as tradition and innovation.

We aim to raise the realization of creative idea, thinking logic, visual aesthetic and cultural creativity ability of students

We encourage participation in competitions so that students gain pioneering artistic vision.

We value local and international culture so that students can understand their own context and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

We stress a balance between student learning, guidance and living to nurture ethical whole persons.

We insist on artistic freedom and a spirit of self-awareness so that students can create successful careers including starting their own businesses.

We hold academic conferences to strengthen students’ research depth and broaden their vision in art-making.



Drawing designer or R&D in animation or computer game company.

Graphic designer in a cultural or publishing business.

Art teacher at a child education institution or art studio.

Freelance art or cultural-creative designer.

Culture based creative product designer, visual designer, website design.

Museum interpreter, guide or researcher.

Cultural administration civil servant.

Local and international master’s programs in arts-related fields.


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